Here at Gs Heating we carry out all our boiler installations to a high standard , What is a high standard? well, we use the best boilers according to your budget, thats only a small part of a new boiler though , we use copper where ever possible , we fit additional products like Magnetic filters to all new boiler, Shock arrestors to all combi boilers , lime filters when required, automatic by pass valves , all these go towards keeping your boiler happy and healthy for as long as possible . New boiler controls to increase the efficiency along with thermostatic radiator valves, this all looks nice when well installed (which we do)

BUT by far the most important part and mostly overlooked or ignored is the part you can’t see . The water used to heat your system, correct water treatment ensures your new boiler ( a expensive investment ) stays working well, efficiently and with few problems throughout its life. The most important part of this process is Power Flushing your radiators and pipework to remove sludge and debris . There is NO other method of cleaning as well as a power flushing machine, a simple filter at the time of install or using a magnaclense will not even come close to cleaning like a power flushing machine will .And this is why EVERY boiler we install will have the system flushed! it makes sense !