It is now that time of year again when people start to turn the boilers and heating back on again,

But have you had the boiler serviced and heating system checked?

When we carry out a boiler service we will :

Inspect the seals and working parts

  • Fully strip the boiler, cleaning the internal parts and inspecting all seals
  • Check for leaks or damage
  • Check the appliance safety devices
  • Carry out gas pressure checks
  • Carry out flue gas analysis
  • Carry out full function tests
  • Check and recharge the expansion vessel if required
  • Bleed all radiators and check the system is working correctly
  • Check the flue pipe is secure and to regulation
  • Email a full service certificate and advise of any problems

These service checks can ensure your boiler works smoothly and trouble free , and if we identify a problem thenits best get it fixed before it gets bigger!

We are Which? trusted traders so can trust we are fair and carry out a high quality of work

Call us for a price ,we are these are from £72 for a full service

A worcester 8000 having its first Boiler service