I want to talk a little about water treatment in central heating systems.

Ive recently lost a few quotes ( i like to ask why) for boiler replacements due to the other companies Not Power flushing when changing from a conventional boiler to a sealed system and modern condensing boiler . They were a little cheaper, short term,

Now this is my personal opinion and view, but Every boiler i have replaced in the past 14 years i have power flushed when installing. and ive had 0 call backs due to sludge or system contaminates.

I also fit Magnetic filters , these seem to be sold as a ‘magic’ solution that means no other water treatment is needed . Its Not. if the system is dirty they will be overwhelmed in days and become .. useless ..

Other methods are hot and cold flushes, and a Magnaclense filter , these are great on a already clean system, but how do you know its actually clean without Powerflushing? You dont!


Power flushing uses high velocity water at normal working pressures, but can also be reversed to ‘shift the sludge and debris in the system, with the addition of flushing filters and chemicals this method is by far the best , and in the long run will save you money from breakdowns and fuel costs . Please consider this when looking though a quote