As the First post of 2017 i would like to talk about Boiler control systems and how Important and often overlooked they are, A properly set up control system of a new central heating boiler can make the difference from your heating system working or performing as it was designed to .

There are independent manufacturers like honeywell evo home and Nest who have a great product , or the manufacturers own controls ,

The advantage of the manufacturers own controls are they are designed to control the boiler as efficiently as possible and communicate with the boiler to do this , Worcester Bosch have some great control system that will do this , The Worcester Wave is their internet enabled control which is also a load and weather compensator , then we have the sense 2 which is a programmable thermostat and weather compensate control and the Comfort 2 which is a wireless programmable thermostat that communicates with the boiler

The indépendant manufacturers Honeywell evo home has huge advantages , this system you can ‘zone’ every radiator with a valve that communicates centrally with the control unit and has an App that can control the whole system .

If all the radiators are ‘zoned’ then each room becomes separately controled and heated can also control stored hot water so is suitable for any system, If tied in with the manufacturers own controls you get the ultimate control system and amazing efficiency levels


The Nest is a internet learning thermostat that you can tie in home security cameras and alarms


Here at Gs Heating we have installed many of all these types of controls so have the experience to recommend what would be best for your home and to suite your budget, along with upgrading to a condensing boiler

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