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General terms and conditions of work carried out by G.s. heating and Electrical Ltd or anyone employed or sub contracted by the company.

  1. All materials installed and supplied will remain the property of G.s. Heating and Electrical Ltd until payment in full has been made to the company
  2. Payment will be made on the Date of issue on an invoice or on satisfactory completion of work carried out, unless prior terms are agreed in writing, by cash, bank transfer or credit or debit card, We reserve the right to charge interest at 3% above base rate per week after the terms above unless prior written arrangement is made PLEASE NOTE WE NOT LONGER TAKE CHEQUE AS A FORM OF PAYMENT
  3. Once work commences this forms an agreement between you (the named person on the Quote) and G.s.Heating & Electrical Ltd for us to carry out the stated work agreed on the quotation
  4. All the work to be carried out and agreed between you (the named person on the Quote) and G.s.Heating & Electrical Ltd is stated on the quote, any extra work not stated is chargeable so please check the quoted work carefully before work commences
  5. Any large amount of additional materials or work that are found to be needed once work has commenced and has not been quoted for will be brought to the attention of the named person on the quote before being carried out or used and charged for at the end, the standard hourly rate is £72 per hour including VAT
  6. Once work has been completed if there is any addition work requested or required that was not quoted for we reserve the right to charge for the work at the standard rate plus parts required, this will always be discussed with you the customer,
  7. On completion of work please check and confirm to An Employee or Director that you are happy with: The standard of work carried out, the operation of all appliances and controls and the state of cleanliness.
  8. G.s. heating and Electrical Ltd or anyone employed or sub contracted by the company will endeavour to keep your property and belongings clean tidy and undamaged by the work carried out. The work being carried out is dirty and dusty so any property or belongings that may be damaged by this should be removed before work commences as we will not be held accountable for any items not removed before work begins.
  9. Any large items of furniture or belongings that will be required to be moved to carry out the quoted work has to be moved before the work commences, as G.s. heating and Electrical Ltd or Company address: unit 21, wildmoor mill, mill lane, wildmoor, bromsgrove , b61 0bx. GAS SAFE:232763 Vat No. 981387579 COMPANY NO: 6841611 anyone employed or sub contracted by the company reserve the right to charge the standard rate of £72 per to move these items.
  10. All central heating systems and boilers require servicing at 12 monthly intervals to maintain the manufactures and workmanship warrantees given on them, to maintain the manufacturers warrantee any Gas Safe Registered company may service the boiler, to maintain the workmanship warrantee Gs heating & Electrical ltd must service the boiler and check the system
  11. All Boiler faults or problems will be liable under the boiler manufacturers warrantees given on the boiler within the given time scale of the manufacturers warrantee. Outside the manufacturers given warrantee Gs Heating & Electrical ltd will charge the standard rate for breakdown and repairs
  12. Maintaining the boiler Pressure on a sealed system is the home owners responsibility and we will ensure the process required to do this is explained at the end of a new boiler installation. We reserve the right to charge the standard rate if we are requested to refill the boiler pressure IF this has nothing to do with the any leaks or problems caused by the work carried out at the time of the installation
  13. The workmanship warrantee given covers defects caused by the workmanship, only on the installation carried out by Gs Heating & Electrical Ltd, this includes pipe work and fittings where work has been carried out on, the fitting of valves, electrical connections made at the time of fitting, the installation of radiators (not the radiator which is covered by a 10 year warrantee). It does not cover previous system leaks or problems already existing on the installation or faults with the boiler and faults that may have occurred from work not carried out by Gs Heating & Electrical Ltd after the time of installation, it does not cover radiators or system leaks or problems that occur when testing, power flushing or commissioning the new boiler. It does not cover the labour cost of exchange of radiators under the Radiator manufacturers warrantees which will be charged at the standard hourly rate of £72. It does not cover exchange of controls or electrical items that may be faulty which will be changed at £72 per hour.
  14. All boiler controls have 1 year manufacturers warrantee unless otherwise stated
  15. Asbestos: If Asbestos is found in the working areas we will bring it to the homeowner’s attention, we will not break, drill or remove any asbestos materials as this has to be carried out by an Asbestos specialist. If this changes or prevent the work being carried out we will discuss with the customer and bring to your attention, additional charges may be incurred.
  16. Recycling : metal waste can be recycled and a reduction in price will have been made to the quote for the work being carried out, if you wish to retain the scrap metal please bring this to our attention as soon as possible as the will be a surcharge for this depending on the current scrap values and the amount reduced from the quote.
  17. If you are not satisfied with any work carried out by G.s. heating and Electrical Ltd or anyone employed or sub contracted by us please bring the problem to our immediate attention and we will do our best to resolve it in a fair and reasonable manner
  18. All workman ship warrantees claims or rectifications will be carried out in normal working hours, these are Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00
  19. We respectfully ask that while we are working on your property you refrain from smoking inside, this is for our health and safety, we have a no smoking policy for our staff on your property, we reserve the right to cancel any works or warrantees if the health and safety of our staff is being put at risk. Company address: unit 21, wildmoor mill, mill lane, wildmoor, bromsgrove , b61 0bx. GAS SAFE:232763 Vat No. 981387579 COMPANY NO: 6841611
  20. Power flushing , when power flushing a central heating system or boiler we will not be held liable for any previous conditions in the heating system that may be aggravated by this process , in the unlikely even a leak occurs form this process we will rectify the problem at our standard rate plus materials required.
  21. Working hours. Gs heating & electrical ltd working hours are Monday to Friday 07:30-18:00 all warrantee repairs will be carried out in these hours, all work requested outside these hours are chargeable at double time , standard time being £72 per hour, however we will answer phones calls with no charge outside these hours . on special arrangement work can be booked for Saturday mornings at agreed prices.
  22. No deposit is taken on works valued less than £2500, unless prior agreement is made , if a deposit is taken and you wish to cancel then a refund will be made minus any costs incurred . you may cancel the contract at any time and your statutory right to cancel is not effect by this.
  23. Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, as a Which? Trusted trader we use Ombudsman Services Ltd for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint to them please contact Which? Trusted traders in the first instance on 0117 456 6031.
  24. Animals and children are the responsibly of the occupier/responsible person of the property being worked upon and we take no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or illness though neglect of responsibility for either children or animals in or around the working areas of Gs Heating and Electrical ltd .We also will hold the responsible person accountable for any loss or damage caused by either children or animals to tools , equipment or loss of earnings by either to the company.
  25. Tenanted and rental properties being worked upon will require all payments to be made upfront by the landlord unless otherwise agreed in writing, no work will be carried out unless a full address and contact details are given for the landlord.
  26. Designer Radiators. When quoting or estimating for replacing radiators NOT supplied by Gs Heating & Electrical ltd unless it is specified by the customer at the time of the price given then. Additional changes may be incurred at the standard hourly rate for the installation of Designer radiators, we will NOT be held liable for any manufacturer defects in customer supplied radiators and for the labour changes incurred with this.
  27. The position of the boiler flue pipe will be discussed at the time of the survey for the quote, should the flue not terminate onto your property or within 300mm of your neighbors property then this is deemed not to building regulations , this will be discussed with you at the survey , if the flue appears to terminate onto an area that appears not your property then the site surveyor from GS heating & Electrical ltd will ask you to fully confirm that the boiler flue is on your property , in signing and agreeing to these term and conditions you have agreed that the boiler flue Does terminate on your property and within the required 300mm from the boundary of your property as regulations require. If at a later stage after the boiler installation has been carried out it comes to question that you have given false information regarding the termination of the boiler flue on to your own property then you will be fully liable for all costs at our standard rate plus all materials required to rectify this in which ever manor is required to bring the installation up to the current standards.
  28. Bathrooms: Any work carried out by Gs Heating & Electrical Ltd on a bathroom or plumbing will be warranted for 12 months, this warrantee only includes labour and not the fittings provided which will have their own manufacturers warrantee , if it is a failure of the fittings then we reserve the right to charge labour to replace the fittings but not for the fittings themselves if they are within the manufacture warrantee.
  29. Power flushing : we will offer power flushing on all boiler replacements and strongly advise this is done, if you decide that you do not want a power flush then any damage to the boiler or the work we carry out due to corrosion in the system will not be covered by the manufacturer or our workmanship warrantee
  30. Your right to cancel. If you wish, you have a right to cancel our contract within 14 days of receiving this Notice. You can do this by completing the cancellation form below, detaching it and sending it by post or email to the address above. You may be required to pay for goods or services if the contract has begun with your written agreement before the end of the cancellation period. Company address:unit 21, wildmoor mill, mill lane, wildmoor, bromsgrove , b61 0bx GAS SAFE:232763 Vat No. 981387579 COMPANY NO: 6841611

31. Nothing in clauses, 11, 13, 14 or 28 affect your rights as a consumer for remedies if goods we supply are not of satisfactory quality, or not fit for purpose,under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, or services we deliver are defective, or where faults or damage is due to our negligence.’

Home owner/ Persons Responsible for the property


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Your right to cancel

Cancellation form or agreement to waive cancellation period

If you wish to cancel the contract or agree for work to start before the 14 day cancellation period; complete, detach and return this part of the form to the trader.

Company address: unit 21, wildmoor mill, mill lane, wildmoor, bromsgrove , b61 0bx

GAS SAFE:232763 Vat No. 981387579 COMPANY NO: 6841611

Trader Name: Gs Heating & Electrical Ltd
Trader Address: unit 21 wildmoor mill, mill lane, b61 0bx

Customer Name:
Customer Address:
Job Reference:

Please complete either section A or B, but NOT both

A) Cancellation

If you wish to cancel the contract you must do so in writing and this can be sent via the post or email. Alternatively, you can deliver it in person to the Trader’s address as stated above. Note; you may use this form is you want to, but you do not have to

I / We * hereby give notice that I / We* wish to cancel the contract reference
(*delete as appropriate)

Signed: Date:

B) Agreement to start work before the above 14 day cancellation period

I/We* agree that work described in contract reference can be started on

I/We* understand that if I/We* subsequently cancel this contract within 14 days from receiving notice of the right to cancel, I/We* will have to pay a reasonable amount for the goods or services provided under the contract prior to cancellation (*delete as appropriate)

Signed: Date: