Hot Water and Cylinders

Whether you have a traditional Hot Water & Cylinder that is heated by the boiler, immersion heater or a high pressure unvented hot water cylinder, we are experienced and qualified to work on both.

We can replace or upgrade your traditional vented cylinder to a new Part L complaint cylinder which could save you up From £50 a year on heating your hot water.

We can install twin coil, solar ready cylinder at a later date as this could help you produce FREE hot water from a solar panel.

A little known fact: It is very important that who ever works on your unvented cylinder, they hold the correct qualifications, if these are incorrectly fitted they can become very dangerous.

Solar Hot Water

What better way to have free hot water in the summer , than by using the sun itself! With a twin coil cylinder and solar hot water panels you can do this , it takes a little planning  and installation but its something no one has ever regretted having done